What Could the Social and Physical Reality Be Like? Should...
Tayfun VARDAR / tayfunvardar@binbirproje.com

Tayfun VARDAR / tayfunvardar@binbirproje.com

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What Could the Social and Physical Reality Be Like? Should Globalisation be evolved or be transformed over time?

09 Aralık 2018 - 17:31 - Güncelleme: 10 Aralık 2018 - 02:33

I would like to say hello to all my readers. Writing for special people gives me an inexplicable feeling. Every word, every sentence, every paragraph you choose, even in a small note, represents you. However, it also presents a responsibility. A responsibility to all of you that opens up my eyes to see the reality and other perspectives. I hope I deserve your attention.


On these last days of Autumn, when I walk in Hyde-Park among the faded tree leaves, I feel happy and comforted. It is really a pleasure to observe the amazing colour scheme of the faded leaves. Although you miss the taste of freshly brewed tea, you get used to the coffee culture to maintain this comfort and happiness. In London, these kinds of big parks are like a sanctuary for people who need to get away from daily city rush and stress.


When you are in a good mood and are able enjoy life, thinking positively and being creative comes naturally to you. However, we all know that to be in a good mood is all about the choices and targets which we chose. These two critical points affect your reputation and might affect your future. 


This article and the followings will consist of two parts. The second part will be a series under the main heading of “What Could the Social and Physical Reality Be Like?”. The sub-titles, on the other hand will lead you the main heading at the end. In fact, I will write out these articles for myself. I hope reading them will give a you the same wonderful feeling I had while writing them.


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What Could the Social and Physical Reality Be Like?

Should Globalisation be evolved or be transformed over time?


Dear readers and followers, in this part of my article, I would like to present a perspective of the future by examining some global scale events in our recent history. Our life changes so rapidly that these changes have a meaning if we view them in terms of social and fundamental science. Here, I find myself feeling that I should share this perspective according to my observations and experience in an intelligible way. You will find the reasoning to my feeling underlined in the series of this title. We do not need to be deeply knowledgeable in philosophy, physics and mathematics, but it is always an option to be humble and know our place in society. I would be pleased and quite relieved if I can properly explain how the future is built (or how we build it simultaneously) according to the amazing relation between Physics, Consciousness, Sub-consciousness, Information, Matter, Future and the Absolute Freedom at the end of this series.


A new Era that began with French revolution which presented a freedom to the people and the nation which would be later called a democracy. Then, we were faced with the Industrial revolution, a revolution that showed us how important science is in our lives. We experienced the blessings of science, however, we also used it to build huge destructive weapons as well. Soon afterwards, we discovered the Atom. Later on, we managed to also split the atom and discover the power of sub-particles. Unfortunately, human kind came to realise and prove this discovery to be the most massive and the destructive discovery ever. Since then, Earth became aware of this power that could cause the extinction of lives, and it won’t allow for its destruction. So, what could we name of this new motivation that will drive us to new inventions and discoveries instead of using it to engage wars? How could Darwinism survive? Maybe we should thank Darwin.


It is easy to find the definition of Globalisation in the dictionary or from the internet. However, I can say that if Globalisation is a set of values in social, economic and communication approach, we are primitively global since the international trade began. Both on an economic and social scale, Globalisation has reached its peak after 1990 after it had some fluctuations since 1945. The corner stone was the global agreements for more globalisation (GATT; 1948, Uruguay Raundu; 1994, DTO; 1995, the Decleration of Human Rights; 1945, United Nations; 1945, and the European Court of Human Rights; 1959). Nowadays, the internet gives speed and the expansion to Globalisation. It helps and accelerates Globalisation which motivates humankind towards economic and social means. I still do not know which one of them is inevitable for us, but I can say that the idea of Globalisation supplies the Internet (¹) a perfect field to improve. So, can we say that Globalisation is falling back while the internet and related technology have started to rise? Maybe it needs a new definition according to this rise.


Humankind has always suffered from or pondered about the conflict between ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’. All inventions and social revolutions have a purpose of ‘Good’ in the beginning. However, they also can have side effects and be used for the purpose of ‘Bad’. This issue can also be applied for the internet. Internet is a mathematical discovery even can be called an invention. Globalisation is a philosophy or is a set of universal values. Yes, Globalisation supplies an expanding field and at the same time it supplies a perfect field to gain information. If the internet, in terms of ‘good’, is an indispensable tool for global business and socialising, the ‘bad’ sides of it are the manipulation of information through internet websites forwarded by individuals and nations. This disadvantage increases protectionism, unemployment, making the economic and social dissociation clearer between the nations. It also leads to consuming natural sources unresponsively, interference in private life and all negative feelings such as fear, anxiety, protectionism that are caused by them.


Internet has been popular around the World since the 1990’s, and it is one of the stages of the map connecting technological and social structures for tomorrow. My intensions are not to form a conspiracy theory here, I just would like to reflect on the recent history and see the future in another perspective. This perspective begins with a question: “Who still has the advantages of Globalisation and who does not?”.  Almost 30 years ago, people who treated globalisation as a philosophy to expand their global sales are now against globalisation because of the deformation of their national social structure. Protectionism in America, Brexit and Trade Wars can be given as an example.


It is quite easy to find and buy a brand name product around the world. Also, Internet and its’ derivatives like Google, Amazon, Facebook etc. are mediums for individuals to promote and sell their products globally. In this point of view, developed countries have received maximum benefit from Globalisation. They rule the World market and use the advantages of cheap labour ship. They hold the use of natural sources before others. We don’t need to be surprised by this or judge them in a negative sense. It is only logical to make businesses with the outcomes of science that they have discovered a long time ago for the benefit of humankind. Unfortunately, as individuals, we also play our role to be part of this kind of globalisation. Western globalisation may come to an end, but for other countries, the meaning of it has no correspondence in the west. Maybe that’s why globalisation should be evolved since the common sense in Globalisation has lost its meaning. In this situation, I think it is wiser to be a conscious global person who knows about Absolute Freedom.


Developed countries have designed the economic structure of globalisation 30 years ago. Now, they are about to update it. On the other hand, non-developed countries have forced themselves to keep the globalisation idea fresh. They keep up to date and imitate the west because their development was never based on science but on globalisation. You can say that developed countries will still need globalisation to promote their new technology. However, that is not true. In todays’ world, they are not trying to sell their products, instead we are buying what they offer us and unfortunately, they have built the system to consume.


I guess in the near future developed countries will enter a technological era. Think about the robots around us. Perhaps serving humans a cup of coffee. Is it possible? Yes, it is. A robot would never have problems like human, but the world is not ready for this yet and we are not ready emotionally either. Believe me or not, we have been prepared for this future. How? I would not be wrong if I say it has been done through Internet.


It was during the 90’s when Internet became popular. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not but we also experienced the fall of the USSR, and even the collapse of the Berlin wall during the same time period. It is so difficult to estimate the cause and effect relation between these events, but I can honestly say that the winner is the Internet. It offers more international business and trade, more ‘free’ generations and more information. Regardless of our consciousness, every information we receive or share on the internet can be recorded like a bunch of information set in the form of data or talk. Nevertheless, what we share or receive from internet innocently has a great impact on the advancement to further stages of the map.


Do not get me wrong, the Internet gives us a precious infrastructure for communication. It is the easiest and quickest way to reach information. It is the key for international business. It is a world-wide place to socialise. However, all the different purposes of engaging in internet activities give others some clues about us that we are not aware of. Please approach the idea positively. In other words, whether it is about our business or social interactions, we use and help in advance to the internet intentionally or unintentionally to build our future. Or, is it us who build our own future with our choices?


As a member of METU (Middle East Technical University), as a Physicist, as an Entrepreneur and as a writer. I can say that, if you cannot predict the Future, how are you living in the present?


Building the future which I will write about in the following articles, will be on the based on facts about science and emotional aspect of human. Aren’t science and emotions the cause of motivation to push humankind forward? Well, have you ever thought about the destructive side of this future project? We have no clue about that yet. However, if there is, it would be more destructive than Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Don’t be shocked, since this project will arrive with our approval and applause.


Soon, I would like to post the second article of this series. It will most probably be about science because it has started a new era and new type of generation. I am sure some of you are already aware of this information. If I wrote something wrong, I beg your forgiveness.


(¹) Please consider the Internet as a package or system integrated by hardware, software and related Technologies.


PS 1: After this series of articles, I will write about Brexit. According to the recent information, maybe UK might stay in EU with a special deal.

PS 2: As an outside observer, if I need to say something about Turkey, the phrase of ‘Civilization comes from ‘East’ is no more valid for him.      




Tayfun Vardar

London, UK


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